Flight attendant,


I'm down 8 kilos!


My problem was that I don't have time to work out, I'm always jetting around. These 21-day Challenges are perfect for me. 

I learned that with little time and focussed exercises I could really get a lot of benefits and super results. I'm down 8 kilos after two challenges [and additional guidance]. I'm so motivated to keep on going now!


Entrepreneur & mother,


I reached my personal

Summer Body goal!


I was excited about the flow [of the challenge]: no excuses, I just did the exercises. 

The nutrition and the mindset tips were so valuable [...] they opened up new horizons for me. I feel wonderful and am so happy, I even achieved my personal Summer Body goal! 

Sonja and Chanel are experts in their field. I'll definitely keep on doing these challenges with motivation and a smile on my face!" 


Independant Marketer,


It's amazing how your body changes!

The online challenges are perfect, as I don't have time to run to a gym, I can do it whenever I have a moment.

It's amazing to feel how your body changes, how much stronger your body gets. The burpees are my friends now! Even though it's virtual - their motivation shines through. Just do it - you will not regret it.

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